The Struggle for Existence
The Struggle for Existence
The Struggle for Existence
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Struggle for Existence
Walter Thomas Mills, A.M.

“Move upward, working out the beast, and let the ape and tiger die.” – Tennyson, In Memoriam, cxviii.
“It is well if the mass of mankind will obey the laws when made without scrutinizing too nicely into the reasons for making them.” – Blackstone: Commentaries on the Laws of England, Book II., Ch. I.
“The starting point of the development that gave rise to the wage-laborer as well as to the capitalist was the servitude of the laborer.” – Marx: Capital, p. 739.
“Since the advent of civilization, the outgrowth of property has been so immense * * * that it has become, on the part of the people, an unmanageable power * * * The time will come, nevertheless, when human intelligence will rise to the mastery over property, and define the relations of the state to the property it protects, as well as the obligations and the limits of the rights of its owners.” – Morgan: Ancient Society, p. 52.

International School of Social Economy
Chicago, Ill.


It Has Been Written
MILLS Wrote It


“The Struggle for Existence”

There are 640 pages. It contains the whole Socialist philosophy. It answers every question. It meets every argument. It will make a Socialist out of every man who can be induced to give it a careful reading. It should be read and studied in every Socialist local. Mills may have his faults but his book has none; Mills may be little but his arguments weight a ton.

The Price of the Book is $2.50, Postpaid

The Appeal has secured one hundred copies of this book, which it proposes to give away to Appeal Army comrades – one copy each day for one hundred days.

And This Is the Way

Beginning with Monday, August 1st, 1904, and continuing for one hundred days, a copy of the “Struggle for Existence” will be mailed, postpaid, to the sender of the largest list of yearly subscriptions received each day, and paid for at the regular club rate of 25ยข per year.

Remember, if your list is the largest of any received on the day it reaches this office, you get a copy of this great book free.
Provided, of course, that it reaches here on one of the 100 days specified.
The first day of this free distribution is August 1st – the largest list on that day gets the first book.
They must be yearly subscribers.
The names of the winners will be printed each week.
Some one is going to get one of the books next week for about seven subs. Mark what I tell you.

– Appeal to Reason, Girard, Kansas, 30 Jul 1904

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