Socialism Looks Forward
Socialism Looks Forward
Socialism Looks Forward
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Socialism Looks Forward

John Strachey

Philosophical Library
New York


“Socialism Looks Forward,” by John Strachey (Philosophical Library, $2).
Like a good general, Strachey martials his arguments and flings them at the weakest point in the enemy’s line, or at the spots where they are least expected.
Claiming to be a socialist, willing even to be called a communist, he yet favors “individual private property” … of which, he charges, capitalism has left the average Britisher little or none. He opposes equal wages for all … he complains not about the present pay differentials but at the fact that “the highest pay of all is given for no work at all.” He says that no matter how rich a nation is, under capitalism, the people will always be poor.
The present economic system not only keeps the masses poor but is bound to breed war. He sees a possible end to it, in Britain, in the development of socialism through the Labor party. He may do more than write books on the subject, too; at least, as assistant secretary in Attlee’s government, he’s in a position to act. – Fitchburg Sentinel, Fitchburg, Massachusetts, 23 Nov 1945

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