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Foolish Finance
Foolish Finance
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Foolish Finance

A Beginner’s Primer in the Absorbing Science of Acquisitiveness, as practised in the leading Lucre Laboratories of Wall Street and the United States
Containing all the Rules and Regulations for the Greatest Indoor Amusement of the Age
A Parlor Game for Plutocrats

An Official Review of all the Commercial Craft now employed in the Carrying Trade between the Comon People’s Castles in Spain and the Treasure Islandn of The System

Compiled by Gideon Wurdz
Master of Pholly, Doctor of Loquacious Lunacy, Fellow the Royal Gibe Society, etc., etc. and Author of
“The Foolish Dictionary”

Illustrated by Wallace Goldsmith

John W. Luce and Company


“Charles W. Towne, who, under the pseudonym of Giedon Wurdz, wrote ‘The Foolish Dictionary’, has a new book, entitled ‘Foolish Finance,’ which will be issued early in May by John W. Luce & Co. of Boston.” – The Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis, IN, 30 Apr 1905

Foolish Finance
Thousands are reading ‘Foolish Finance,’ by Gideon Wurdz, author of ‘The Foolish Dictionary.’ Are you? It is rather interesting – some think it very funny. Price – 57c. West Centre Store, Filbert St.” – The Morning News, Wilmington, Delaware, 20 Jun 1905

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