Lances Hurled at the Sun
Lances Hurled at the Sun
Lances Hurled at the Sun
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“Lances Hurled at the Sun”
By Rev. James H. Cotter, LL. D.

How a Brother Editor Views Dr. Cotter’s Book:
“Lances Hurled at the Sun,” after a simile of Tennyson’s in “Locksley Hall,” is a simile the more remarkable from the fact that the barbarians who today hurl their weapons at the God of Heaven are not children, but mature men and women who think themselves qualified to out-reason religion and who laugh at the revelations of Christ and the Apostles as unfit food for an age that demands “strong meat for men.” Father Cotter’s themes are the monstrosity of many of the theories put forward by the crowd of “know-it-all” university professors and agnostic quacks, the pretensions of the “Modernists” and other lance-hurlers. He is the possessor of a keen method of logic and a Celtic sense of delicate humor that in season flavors his essays as with Attic salt. Many a quaint conceit and apt illustration brighten the stream of his exposition as it ripples indignantly or merrily, as the subject demands, along its course. The work, which is commended in a preface by another eminent literary virtuoso, Bishop Colton of Buffalo, presents a fine portrait of the reverend author. – Philadelphia Standard and Times.

The Price is One Dollar
Catholic Union Store
582 Main Street
– Catholic Union and Times, Buffalo, New York, 26 Dec 1912

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