Woman and the New Race
Woman and the New Race
Woman and the New Race
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“Woman the New Race

Margaret Sanger, in ‘Woman the New Race,’ gives the most complete account of Birth Control – the arguments for it, scientific, social and individual – the endless suffering caused by the lack of it. This is now the authoritative book on Birth Control; the first time the subject has ever been thoroughly covered.

This leader of feminine thought and action gives here new, practical, constructive ideas on the limitation of offspring that are startling only because other writers have lacked the vision and courage to set them forth.

This is a courageous book. Margaret Sanger dares to advocate an idea that is utterly taboo in a country that fears to face the truth. But you’ll agree, when you read it, that ‘Woman the New Race’ is a much needed book. It speaks a message that this country, especially, sorely needs to hear. Havelock Ellis, the great sex authority and critic, says of ‘Woman and the New Race’: ‘To the few who think, it is all as familiar as A,B,C. But to the millions who rule the world it is not familiar, and still less to the handful of superior persons whom the masses elect to supreme positions. Therefore, let this book be read; let it be read by every man and woman who can read. And the sooner it is not only read but acted on, the better for the world.’

‘Woman and the New Race’ is beautifully bound in cloth; contains 234 pages; and sells for $2. Order from APPEAL PUBLISHING COMPANY, GIRARD, KANSAS”

– Appeal to Reason, Girard, Kansas, 7 Jan 1922

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