Ransom’s Family Receipt Book
Ransom’s Family Receipt Book
Ransom’s Family Receipt Book
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Every Year Since 1868


have been distributed during the winter through the courtesy of druggists generally, an accommodation appreciated by their patrons as well as by us. If you do not find our books at your druggist’s, kindly ask him to write us for a supply and we shall always be glad to respond.

Try to keep an unbroken set of these booklets. Each one contains excellent cooking receipts or valuable household information not repeated in others.

Our Cooking Receipts

The many commendations we have received from our patrons convince us that we are on the right path, if our receipts are chosen with a view to palatability and economy.

A varied, well-prepared table, with occasional surprises, is undoubtedly the one thing which more than any other keeps a family well and in good spirits. Unless the cooking arrangements are kept plumb, good health and good humor fly out at the window; whereas a table provided and served with care for taste, quality and variety need not be an expensive one even in these days of high cost of food. This any good cook knows.

Our receipts are obtained from those who insist upon the above standard and know how to keep it up in their own homes. Like old friends, they are tried and true.

Our Testimonials

are copies of or extracts from reports received from people whom we consider trustworthy; they are not obtained by offers of reward. Persons sending inquiries to such authors should inclose postage stamp to insure reply.

If you are interested in a special ailment kindly consult also RANSOM’S FAMILY RECEIPT BOOK of former years, or apply to us for additional testimonials.

All reports will, with regard to authorship, be treated strictly as confidential, unless permission is granted to use the author’s name in connection with the substance of the report. Kindly address:

D. RANSOM, SON & CO., 137 Main St., Buffalo, N.Y.

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