My Lady’s Dressing Room
My Lady’s Dressing Room
My Lady’s Dressing Room
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“A book for which an immediate success may be predicted is ‘My Lady’s Dressing Room,’ which is adapted from the French of the Baronne Staffe. Mrs. Harriet Hubbard Ayer, than whom there is no better authority in such matters, has adapted the book to the needs of her American readers, and has sprinkled it plentifully with notes and written an introduction to it, so that it is virtually her book. The title suggests the contents of the book, which deals entirely with subjects that are supposed to be the most interesting to women. It not only tells them how to be beautiful, but how to be healthy and how to take care of their wardrobe. Mrs. Ayer has furnished a number of receipts for cosmetics that any intelligent woman may make up for herself.”

– The Tennessean, Nashville, Tennessee, 1 Feb 1892


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