The Modern Devil
The Modern Devil
His Play Between the False and the Good
The Modern Devil
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AUG 29 1912


Being A SEARCHING ALLEGORY on the subtle intrigues of the Devil within The Church, The Home, and Modern Society.


The Modern Devil

‘The Modern Devil, His play between the false and the good,’ is a new book which Mr. A. L. Ramsour has the agency and is selling. We have examined the outline of it, and pronounce it a timely production, a book that ought to be read by all who desire to keep posted as to the wiles of the wicked one. It does seem to us that all preachers and religious teachers should have one; it might be of incalculable benefit to them. If it is not popular, it will be because it contains too much truth. But it is better to get hurt by it when we can mend our ways, than to wait till it will be too late.”

– The Times-Mercury, Hickory, North Carolina, 24 Jun 1903

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