Life Made Happy
Life Made Happy
or, A Plea for Amusements
Life Made Happy
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Mrs. Naomi J. Peterson’s Book, January 22nd 1859


“A new edition of a work published ten years ago, by F.W. Sawyer, of Boston, and said to be the best work of the kind extant, has issued from the press, under the captivating title of ‘Life made happy, or a Plea for Amusements.’ The press in all parts of the country is speaking out upon the subject, and creating a public opinion, which, it may be hoped, may soon bring relief to the overtasked minds, the bloom of health to the over-wearied bodies and, cheerfulness and content to the exhausted and desponding spirits of the American people.”

– San Francisco Bulletin, San Francisco, California, 6 Jun 1857


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