The Repository of Wit and Humor
The Repository of Wit and Humor
The Book of 1000 Anecdotes
The Repository of Wit and Humor
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The Repository of Wit and Humor;
More than One Thousand Anecdotes, Odd Scraps, Off-Hand Hits, and Humorous Sketches

Selected and Arranged by
M. Lafayette Byrn, M.D.
author of “Reminiscences of History,” “Daring Deeds of Woman,” “Random Shots,” Etc. Etc.

John P. Jewett & Company.
Henry P.B. Jewett.
New York:
Sheldon, Blakesman & Company.


“THE BOOK OF 1,000 ANECDOTES. This is a large and well printed volume of nearly four hundred pages, the nature of which is fully explained by the title-page, viz: ‘The Repository of Wit and Humor; comprising more than one thousand anecdotes, odd scraps, off-hand hits, and humorous sketches – selected and arranged by M. Lafayette Byrn, M.D., author of Reminiscences of History, Daring Deeds of Woman, Random Shots, &c. &c.’ The compilation is the result of the labor of several years’ clippings, and embraces a great and varied fund of amusing matter, ancient and modern. The volume is published in handsome style, by John P. Jewett & Co., on good paper, and large, clear type, and is neatly bound. It can be obtained at the up-town bookstore of IVES & STREETER, and the book and music store of D.B. BROOKS.”

– Salem Register, Salem, Massachusetts, 24 Jan 1853

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