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“Dunigan’s Popular Library. – The second and third numbers of this clever little serial, being ‘Forget me not’ and “Anselmo,’ both from the German of the worthy Canon Von Schmid, have been issued by Dunigan & Brother. These delightful little books are beautifully printed, and embellished with some clever wood cuts, and are greatly superior to the common run of juvenile literature. The illustrations alone, especially in the ‘Anselmo,’ are worth the whole price of the work, being very superior in design and execution.

Dunigan & Brother, we understand, have a variety of new juvenile works on hand, which will be issued in about six or eight weeks.

Any of the above may be had at Langdon’s Book and Variety Store, 75 Fulton Street, Brooklyn.”

– Brooklyn Evening Star, Brooklyn, New York, 10 Jul 1848


Undated, Google Books listing:
Dunigan’s popular library of instruction and amusement
Author: Christoph von Schmid
Publisher: P.J. Kenedy, Excelsior Catholic Publishing House, 1848

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