Sights and Scenes of the World
Sights and Scenes of the World
A Photographic Portfolio
Sights and Scenes of the World
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Sights and Scenes of the World

A Photographic Portfolio

of the
Marvelous Works of God
and the
Wonderful Accomplishments of Man.

Embracing a Rare and Elaborate Collection of the Most Beautiful and Noted Examples of Palaces, Castles, Cathedrals, Paintings, Lakes and Picturesque Scenery on the Face of the Globe, Interspersed with Instantaneous Photographs of Street Scenes in the World’s Great Cities.

Designed to Take the Place of an Extended Tour around the World.

Descriptions of the Scenes have been Prepared by an Extensive Corps of Distinguished Tourists, the Whole Produced under the Personal Supervision of the Eminent Traveler,

Edward L. Raymond.

W.B. Conkey Company,


Special and Elaborate Designs
“Sights and Scenes of the World,”
“Dream City,”
“Stoddard’s Photographs of the World,”
“American Encyclopedic Dictionary,”
And All the Other Portfolios Issued in Parts.

Bindings in Cloth, Half-Morocco, Sheep, and Full Morocco.
Lowest Prices – Prompt Delivery.
W.B. Conkey Company
341-351 Dearborn St., Chicago.
– The Inter Ocean, Chicago, Illinois, 25 Apr 1894

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