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Self Knowledge
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Self Knowledge
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Vital facts of life for all ages



Prof. T.C. Shannon, Secretary of the American Purity Federation and author of ‘Self Knowledge,’ and other well known books, was in Berea, Monday and Tuesday. His lecture to men, Monday evening, won hearty applause as did his short talk on heredity at Chapel exercises, Tuesday morning. He also gave a lecture, Tuesday evening in Main Chapel and more than two hundred young men requested that he continue his lecture and did without their supper in order to hear him. At seven he addressed the young ladies at Ladies Hall. His stay will long be remembered in Berea.”
– The Citizen, Berea, Kentucky, 30 Jan 1913


Prof. T.W. Shannon in Pleas Before State Sunday School Delegates.

Adrian, Mich., Nov 13. — A plea for the teaching of sex hygiene to children in the home, was made at the afternoon session today of the Michigan State Sunday School association by Prof. T.W. Shannon. He said the method should be a gradual one, the parents first telling the child about the development of flowers, birds, animals and finally of the human being.

‘Don’t slap or scold your child when you are asked questions of life mystery,’ said Prof. Shannon. ‘When the child is told to run along and not to think of such a thing there will be no rest until he or she finds out about it. And it is better that when the knowledge does come, it comes from the parents.”

– Kalamazoo Gazette, Kalamazoo, Michigan, 14 Nov 1914

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– Eau Claire Leader, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, 26 Oct 1913

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