Satan in Society
Satan in Society
Satan in Society
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A new Book of Universal and Abiding Value. Written from a high moral and physiological stand-point, it shows how SATAN is working out his most dangerous designs, through a wrong direction of certain of the baser passions. The important subjects discussed are handled with the utmost delicacy, yet with such force and directness that there is no mistaking the author’s meaning. The work is fresh from the pen of one of our ablest Physicians and Medical Professors, and deals directly with great evils from which spring physical and moral degradation, social discord and domestic infelicity; that in fact, are sapping the very foundations of Society. It is well calculated to produce a profound impression and to DO GOOD, just in proportion as it is read. 41 sample pages, with circulars, giving particulars, sent free. C.F. VENT, Publisher, 38 W. Fourth St., Cincinnati.”
– Cleveland Leader, Cleveland, OH, 20 Jan 1871

“NEW BOOKS. – C.F. Vent, subscription book publisher, 38 West Fourth street, Cincinnati, sends us two books, just issued from his press […] ‘Satan in Society’ is well named. The subjects it discusses are infinitely more fit for the lecture-room of a medical professor than to be printed and lie on the book shelves of a circulating library, or be talked of in general society. Such books generally pretend to be written in the interests of morality and sound physiological doctrines, but they too frequently only pander to the prurient tastes of those who buy and read them. We cannot see where ‘Satan in Society’ differs from its companions.”
– Macon Weekly Telegraph, Macon, GA, 24 Jan 1871

WANTED – One or two ladies, to canvass among the ladies of Dubuque for the above work. Applicants must bring satisfactory references. Address. E.B, TIMES office. Notwithstanding the startling title of this book, it is one which no lady need shrink from placing before her lady friends. In the words of Rev. Dr. French, editor of the Ohio Christian Standard, ‘This is the production of an eminent physician, written from the highest moral and christian standpoint, and discusses fearlessly but chastely, themes of the highest moment to the welfare of society.”
– Dubuque Daily Times, Dubuque, IA, 5 Sep 1871

“The author of Satan in Society claims to be a physician and an evangelical Christian; he is also a person of much reading and intelligence, and his purpose in writing his book, we have no doubt is pardonable, if not commendable, as he would have us think. It is, however, not only very disagreeable in its subject matter – the physical relation of the sexes – but full of error and dogmatism. The author takes a very gloomy view of his fellow creatures, and entirely disregards the apostolic encomium on charity, which ‘thinketh no evil.’ He is perpetually thinking evil of all about him, and presents a picture of the world which few pure-minded persons will admit to be true. At the same time he has many good notions, and it is possible that his book may do less harm than good. Published by C.F. Vent of Cincinnati.”
– Springfield Republican, Springfield, MA, 27 Feb 1871

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