Practical Morality
Practical Morality
or, A Guide to Men and Manners
Practical Morality
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Consisting of Lord Chesterfield’s Advice to his Son; to which is added a supplement, containing extracts from various books, recommended by Lord Chesterfield to Mr. Stanhope together with the Polite Philosopher, or an Essay on the art which makes a many happy in himself and agreeable to others.
Dr. Fordyce on Honour as a Principle.
Lord Burgley’s Ten Precepts to his son.
Dr. Franklin’s Way to Wealth; and Pope’s Universal Prayer.


MAY be had of LAZELL & FRANCIS, No. 5 Cheapside. The following is a continuation of their Catalogue:
[…] Practical morality or guide to men and manners”

– Buffalo Emporium and General Advertiser, Buffalo, New York, 23 Apr 1825

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