The Origin of Life
The Origin of Life
The Origin of Life
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Origin of Life
and Process of
in Plants and Animals,
with the Anatomy and Physiology
of the
Human Generative System,
Male and Female,
And the Causes, Prevention and Cure of the Special Diseases
to Which it is Liable.

A Plain, Practical Treatise, for Popular Use.
Dr. F. Hollick,
The Author and Lecturer.

Illustrate by Engravings and Colored Plates
New Edition, With Additions.

David McKay, Publisher,
604-8 South Washington Square.


Facing title page:

This Complete Work
Embraces all of the Author’s former Books.
The Marriage Guide.
The Male Generative Organs in Health and Diseases.
The Female Generative Organs and Diseases of Women Familiarly Explained.
The Matron’s Manual of Midwifery and Childbirth, etc., etc.

“It will be understood, therefore, that there is nothing in the single volumes that is not in this one, and that it contains also an amount of new matter fully equal to a new volume.”
– Author’s Preface.

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