Lee’s Home and Business Instructor
Lee’s Home and Business Instructor
Lee’s Home and Business Instructor
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Lee’s Home and Business Instructor

Theory and Practice

Letter Writing
Models for All Occasions

Complete Instructions

History and Daily Routine

Every-Day Law
Advice and Forms for All Emergencies

Mercantile and Technical Terms

Social Forms and Speeches
The Correct Thing to Do, Say and Write

Elements of Success
How to Enter Uncle Sam’s Service

A Book for Everybody

Concise – Accurate – Reliable

Chicago, Laird & Lee, 1898-99


“Lee’s Home and Business Instructor.” Even a rapid examination of this little volume is sufficient to demonstrate its novelty and its usefulness. The very fact that each of the ten departments included within these 400 pages is the work of an American specialist in that particular line gives the book a value that no reprint or extract can possess. Here penmanship, bookkeeping, letter writing, banking, law, social forms, etc., etc., are taught, by pen and picture, with a directness and accuracy found only in works carefully planned from the start and conscientiously executed all through. We do not know of any other American or foreign book of self-instruction that can be justly compared with this excellent compendium, devised and realized by our home enterprise. 16mo, Russia; leather, full gilt $1.00; extra silk cloth, marbled edges, head-banded, 75ยข. It forms the fifth volume of Lee’s Pony Reference Library. Laird & Lee, Chicago. – Kansas City Journal, Kansas City, MO, 12 Oct 1896

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