The Law of Mentalism
The Law of Mentalism
The Law of Mentalism
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The Law of Mentalism
A practical, scientific explanation of thought or mind force: the law which governs all mental and physical action and phenomena: the cause of life and death

A. Victor Segno
Discoverer and Demonstrator of the Law

Price $3.00

Los Angeles, Cal., U.S.A.
American Institute of Mentalism


Capitalization of Thought Waves

Psychic Faker Elopes with the Secretary Leaving Thousands of Dupes

“Professor” A. Victor Segno, oracle and high priest of the Segno Success Club, and Mrs. Irene Weitzel, his young and beautiful private secretary, who was the bride ten months ago of Fred. W. Weitzel, have eloped, and the thousands of followers of the cult, both in this country and Canada, will now be forced to realize that they have been hopelessly duped, says a Los Angeles, Cal., despatch. Segno left here five weeks ago with the ostensible object of establishing a Canadian branch of the Segno Success Club at Toronto. At the same time his secretary left on what was supposed to be a visit to friends in Chicago.
It has been learned that Segno actually did go to Toronto, and his secretary accompanied him. But they did not remain in Toronto many days, going direct to Montreal, whence they sailed for Europe.
What part Segno’s theories of mentalism play in the romantic flight of himself and Mrs. Weitzel to Europe could not be learned, but there is no question that she is with this “professor,” who succeeded in forming a chain of clubs in this country and in Canada, the members of which numbered thousands, each of whom believed in Segno’s system of simultaneous thought vibration as the key to success. “Professor” Segno’s scheme for uplifting the world was unique, but apparently found believers to an astonishing degree. All the organizing of his thought circles was done by mail and in this he seems to have differed from the average professional occultist and mystic.
Segno’s cult was founded and operated upon peculiarly business lines, and his scheme presents to the casual observer an inspiring scene. Here it is:
Twice every day, at the same minute, the Segnoites throughout the world are supposed to “go into silence.” In other words, find some quiet spot and assiduously repeat the “harmony key” supplied by Segno – price $1 per month or $5 per year. The aggregate mental titillation of the Segnoites each day at the same time is supposed, according to the Segno theories of mentalism, to generate a flow of thought waves that bring success to the members of the clubs – membership $1 a month or $5 a year.
One of the recent harmony keys was: “I will become a thinker; I will exercise my brain and create successful ideas” Segno has modestly admitted that “after years of close study he touched a chord in nature that responded and revealed to him the law which governs all intelligence, life and the change called death ” This invaluable information he reveals in turn to the devotees of his cult – price $l a month or $5 a year.
Segno directed the thought waves of his followers from his elaborate and ornate home on North Belmont avenue, and it is understood that he amassed a large fortune through his capitalization of thought waves. He maintained an extensive publishing plant, published a magazine for the propagation of his teachings and did a copious mail order business in the sale of his magazines and books, chief of which was “The Law of Mentalism.” Incidentally he wrote a book entitled, “How to Live a Hundred Years.”
– The Victoria Daily Times, Victoria, BC, Canada, 15 Jun 1911

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