Hindoo Life
Hindoo Life
Hindoo Life
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Chas. Engelhard

Mary C. Winslow
from her friend,
Rev. A. Webb
January 1880


with Pictures of the Men, Women, and Children of India.

By Rev. Edward Webb,
Late of Madura, South India


Hindoo Life, by a returned missionary of the American Board, and Ram Krishna Punt, furnish vivid pictures of domestic life in that country, and show the obstacles to any very rapid progress of the religion of Christ among that degraded people. It will be difficult, we think, to find a prettier or more appropriate set of books for children of eight or ten years of age.”

– Congregationalist, Boston, Massachusetts, 9 Nov 1866
“The Presbyterian Publication Committee publish a series of five books for children with many pictures. The titles of the books are ‘Little Red Cloak,’ ‘Miss Muff and Little Hungry,’ ‘Jesus on Earth,’ “Ram Krishna Punt,’ and ‘Hindoo Life.’ They are intended for young children but one of them at least, ‘Hindoo Life,’ will be interesting to young and old, though it is a mere sketch. We cannot praise the illustrations of these books; they are of the poorest, and would be omitted to the advantage of the children who will only have their tastes perverted by such daubs. The pictures in ‘Jesus on Earth’ are the worst, and, if there be any best, those in ‘Miss Muff’ are the best in the series.”

– New York Tribune, New York, New York, 8 Dec 1866

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