The New Century Perfect Speaker
The New Century Perfect Speaker
The New Century Perfect Speaker
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A complete encyclopedia of elocution, oratory and etiquette ; Including after dinner wisdom and humor ; compendium of appropriate selections in prose and verse ; department for the children ; what the witty writers say ; portraits and biographies of America’s most distinguished statesmen, diplomats, divines and public speakers ; etiquette of social, public and official life : superb, descriptive and picturesque illustrations


“Dear Santa. I will now atempt to write you a letter. Telling you what I would like to have for christmas. First a gold watch, next a pair of Kid gloves. No, 4. also new century Perfect speaker. and a dozen linen handkercheifs. That is all I think of now so Ta,Ta, and please do not forget little,
Jessie Franks, 1801 Moffet ave, Joplin Mo.”
– The Macon Times-Democrat, Macon, Missouri, 19 Dec 1901

“New Century Perfect Speaker. Also contains special department for children and complete etiquette of home, social, and public life. Illustrated, bound in cloth. Sale price …….. 50ยข.”
– Buffalo Evening News, Buffalo, New York, 20 Feb 1906