The Family Circle
The Family Circle
Its Affections and Pleasures
The Family Circle
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The Family Circle:
Its Affections and Pleasures

Edited by H. A. Graves

“And say! without our hopes, without our fears,
Without the Home that plighted love endears,
Without the smile from partial beauty won:
O, what were man? A world without a sun!

Gould, Kendall & Lincoln


“The Family Circle: Its Affections and Pleasures. Edited by H.A. Graves. Boston, Gould, Kendall & Lincoln. 1844.—This little book is a judicious compilation from eminent authors, principally American, and it makes its appearance very opportunely, for it will form a most agreeable Thanksgiving Present. The elegant and touching close of the Preface is worth the cost of the Book. For sale by G. & C. Merriam, Springfield.”
– Springfield Republican, Springfield, Massachusetts, 25 Nov 1844

Messrs. Gould, Kendall & Lincoln have presented us with another miniature volume, elegantly printed and bound, entitled ‘The Family Circle: its Affections and Pleasures. Edited by H.A. Graves.’ We have rarely examined a book in which we have felt an equal interest. It is made up of short and choice selections and extracts, in both prose and poetry—all illustrating the domestic affections and the charms of home. Some of our readers have, doubtless, heard of the compiler before; and possibly their acquaintance with him, personally, or as an editor, will induce them to purchase the little volume, which, if he were able, he would delight to place in every family in which his weekly journal is a regular visiter. The selections are made from an extensive range of literature—standard and periodical; and though a small affair, its preparation was not the work of an hour or day. It is intended, especially, as a present for relatives, and therefore it is not so much a book of admonitions and precepts, as of grateful tributes and testimonies of affection. May every home it enters be as happy as those it pictures!”
– Christian Reflector, Boston, Massachusetts, 2 Nov 1844


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