Dr. Miles New Weather Almanac
Dr. Miles New Weather Almanac
and Hand Book of Valuable Information
Dr. Miles New Weather Almanac
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“Our friend Dr. Miles has sent us a copy of his famous almanac for 1921, with a whirligig and some flags in four colors on the back, for which we are thankful.

It contains a store of valuable information, including a picture of a gentleman who has had his zodiac cut open to have his appendix and adenoids removed. He is not worried, but is standing proudly on two buffalo fish, with a ram jumping over his head to butt old Taurus in the neck, and a billygoat standing on two hind legs with whiskers. There are two twins, which is the usual number, looking toward a lion who must have had his dinner or is pet lion. A youth is shooting at a virgin with a bow and arrow, although it is against the law to kill them, and she is sitting between a very large scorpion and a crab from which she would run if they were mice. Old Aquarius is pouring wildcat whiskey out on the ground, thus wasting it like a sheriff.

There’s much other useful information, among which we learn that if all the almanacs were laid end to end they would reach from New York to Dallas, that New Year’s Day will fall on January 1 next year and Christmas on December 25, and that July will be as hot as the devil, although the language is ours.

There are some jokes which we propose to steal unless somebody beats us to it. This almanac is more interesting than ‘Life’ or the ‘Congressional Record, because of the good jokes. — Searcy News.”

22 Dec 1920, Daily Arkansas Gazette, Little Rock, Arkansas