The Cokesbury Party Book
The Cokesbury Party Book
The Cokesbury Party Book
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52 planned parties with 600 games and stunts


THE COKESBURY PARTY BOOK, by Arthur M. Depew (Cokesbury Press).
The author has arranged fifty-two different and distinctive parties, one for each week in the year. Each party is planned in complete detail giving comprehensive instructions on all matters of importance to insure success. The parties are built around central themes which are carried out throughout the entertainment, costumes, refreshments and other arrangements. The author has even written a clever invitation in verse to add to the novelty of the occasion.
You will find in this volume many valuable suggestions for entertaining, and many that are useful for raising money for charity. There are more than 6600 games and entertainment plans, some of which are distinctly different and well worth consideration.”
– Reading Times, Reading, Pennsylvania, 10 Nov 1932